Custom Solutions

You have a plan but without any blueprint or a physical idea map and still desire to start something well here coding cafe will help you because we provide custom solutions to all those problems that you think are not possible.

CodingCafe: We make impossible Possible

At the CodingCafe we have every person to look into your matter from Programmers to content writers, From testers to builders, No Brand to Big Brand, and Big task handlers.

We provide custom solutions of enterprise resource planning or CRM solution at the Industrial Level for big companies to handle everything in one place.

You probably ask why CodingCafe?

We have created CRM for very large enterprises consist of more than 5K employees and we have successfully achieved the task before the date we offered to our client and also we have created beautiful customized apps and websites for our clients by checking every bit of detail. Also, a reminder again that you can get free consultations by just tapping on getting consultation yes NO COST AT ALL.

What is the CRM process??

The CRM measure is a system for keeping each client collaboration customized and significant that comprises five fundamental advances. In a client relationship, the executives’ framework (CRM framework) gives the information and functionalities your group needs to execute this methodology—and at last, transform leads into clients.

How CRM helps a company from a growth perspective??

CRM solution means customer relationship management software that helps an organization to gather all the essential information

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    There are key stages Before diving into the CRM

    Understanding Client Needs:

    We first need to understand what the client desire to have in his CRM and how large is the company is.

    Budget Factor:

    Budget is the most important part when creating CRM software because this project is one of the lengthiest and this takes time, manpower and Highly detailing designs to create every page and every bit of data.

    Maintaining Flow and building strategy:

    Without Building strategy achieving big tasks are tough especially in enterprise-level solutions. Programmers create a sheet where he drops all his essential data and manages it according to his daily step needs.


    Data retrieving and Uploading:


    While creating databases programmers require the data of the employees, customers, and every detail of their from document to their details so that they can add every bit of data into the software and check every flow.


    Time and Patience:

    This project takes a lot of time from months to a whole year depending upon the project requirements and data to hold. So having time and patience is the essential part.


    After deep analysis and checkup did by QA project is ready to show in front of board or enterprise and they can then use.